Bicycle rental

If yours is an adventurous spirit and you prefer an active vacation, we offer bicycles for rent. Find your oasis of peace and enjoy the hidden beauties of Krk island. Have a pleasant time during your active vacation with your entire family. Along with bicycles, we also offer free seats for your toddlers.

Scooter rental

Rent a scooter, and avoid traffic jams and parking problems. Experience Njivice and our beautiful island of Krk. Hidden harbors and the beauty of Krk is at your wheel. So, do not hesitate and enjoy, because this is why you are visiting. We offer different types of scooters for rent, all of which are permitted for two persons and have basic insurance.

Apartment rental

Rent an apartment which is contemporarily equipped, air-conditioned, with two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom with a hydromassage shower cubicle. There is a private swimming pool in the backyard, in a peaceful surrounding, with deck chairs and a parasol, which is fun for the entire family. Apart from the convenience offered by the private swimming pool, deck chairs and parasol, there is an outdoor hot water shower, a barbecue, and a shaded patio ideal for resting after a day filled with activities.


Njivice, close to Omisalj, have always been part of the Omisalj Castle territory, as it is a part of the Omisalj municipality now. There was a settlement here back in antiquity. In written sources, Njivice was initially mentioned in 1474 in duke Ivan VII Frankopan's charter, but judging by archeological finds, the settlement itself is much older. In 1710, a settlement called "Villa di sasso bianco" or "Beli Kamik" is mentioned as existing in the vicinity of Njivice, but today only the toponym remains. Over the last few centuries, Njivice was merely a small village on the island of Krk, whose residents survived on fishing, olive groves, cattle breeding and forestry. Houses on the shore, small fishing boats and nets, and caskets full of fish merged into the image of Njivice as it used to be for centuries. 1930 is consudered to be the year tourism arrived in Njivice. This tourist town is the youngest parish on the island today. In the vicinity of Njivice, there is also a lake, one of only two on the island. It used to be a fishing area, but it has been turned into a freshwater source decades ago.



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The following video is among the rare live streams that can be found on the internet depicting the current weather in Njivice, so you can always check it out live, in addition to the weather forecast at the bottom of the page.


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